Margarita paradise


The best place for Mexican drinks. 

Margarita Paradise

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About us

Margarita paradise is a bar with all the Mexican style that you love. Here you can find the typical Mexican drinks as well as the best quality food. We also offer traditional live music every day of the week.

Our mexican music

Music is an important part of everyone's life and is always present in every great event. This is what united us - our love of Mexican beauty, art, and music. At margarita paradise we have the best Mexican musical groups to accompany you in your stay in the place.

Music Land

Classic Mexican Cantina in an executive atmosphere. A real bakery space with polished floors, malinche chairs, Mexican glassware and a sensational mix of local parishioners. Here you will eat a menu of snacks and dishes to the center to share, certainly like that eats and lives Mexico !!! We would love to serve you.